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Contact Us

The BRIDG model is a community-driven effort to build common semantics in the domain of translational research. The BRIDG community welcomes feedback from all participants in the domain.

Email BRIDG Modelers Team:
The members of this listserv are a small group of individuals who are caretakers/modelers of BRIDG model and also responsible for the BRIDG infrastructure and website. It is a closed list. Please send email to this listserv if you have questions and/or comments regarding accessing the BRIDG model, submitting your project requirements to BRIDG for harmonization, website content issues, errors, typos, etc.

Email HL7 Biomedical Research and Regulation Work Group (BR&R WG):
This is an open forum discussion listserv for the community to ask questions and discuss BRIDG and other topics related to research and regulation with BRIDG users and other interested parties. It is an open list and has over 150 members representing pharmaceutical companies, CROs, cancer centers, universities, software vendors, etc. from across the world.

Go to HL7 BR&R WG Wiki: BR&R WG Confluence Wiki
This wiki is the home page for the BR&R work group and as such has conference call details and links to the meeting agendas and minutes, work group projects, work group artifacts like PSS, 3 year plan documents, Connectathon info, etc.

Contact HL7 or CDISC for the Ballot Process
BRIDG is an evolving model and standard and it goes through an average of one release a year. Balloting is conducted through HL7 and CDISC. Please contact these organizations directly to find out how to participate.

  • To register for the HL7 balloting process, go to the HL7 Balloting information page
  • To participate in the CDISC comment process, go to

How to add new semantics to BRIDG

The BRIDG FAQs includes two questions in particular that may help with this process:

10. How is BRIDG updated? What is harmonization?
19. How can I influence the BRIDG Model? How do I get involved?