What's in BRIDG?

last modified:
03/22/2018 - 11:02

The current content of the BRIDG model includes representations of the data semantics from the various projects within the BRIDG Project’s stakeholder organizations whose content has been harmonized into the BRIDG Model over the life of the project. The BRIDG Model, in its present state, is primarily composed of data components, but does contain some process components, primarily state transition diagrams.

As BRIDG became more visible in the community, the BRIDG WG started hearing feedback from both domain experts and technologists. Many domain experts reported that the model was too large to review in total and needed to be packaged in smaller, more manageable portions so they can see their domain clearly.  The technologists said that the model was not clear enough to map cleanly to downstream models (e.g., design models, implementation models, etc.) and that it provided a limited use since it was published only in UML representation. Based on this feedback, the BRIDG WG and Steering Committee designed a solution that would present each of the BRIDG user communities with a representation that meets their need.

To meet the needs of the technologists, each release of the BRIDG model will be published with three representations of the static semantics of translational research.   Each perspective tailors the representation of the semantics to a different audience.  To learn more about the different BRIDG representations, select the Technical Representation link in the navigation menu on the left.

NOTE: The HL7 RIM and OWL representations of the BRIDG model were last published for BRIDG 3.2 Release.

The data semantics in the BRIDG model can also be logically grouped on different boundaries to meet the needs of the domain experts, i.e. smaller packages. Each release of BRIDG Model is published with sub-domain models/views to support this logical grouping of the domain. In future releases, the modeling team is looking into building business case-based views of the data semantics of the BRIDG model. To learn more about the different logical groupings of the data semantics represented in the BRIDG model, select the Business Representation link in the navigation menu on the left.