Providing Feedback

Monday, August 13, 2018 - 13:37

The BRIDG model is a community-driven effort to build common semantics in the domain of clinical research. The HL7 BR&R WG welcomes feedback from all participants in the domain. This includes subject matter experts, UML modelers, ontologists, data standards experts, standards development organization (SDO) representatives, medical writers, vocabulary and terminology experts, software vendors, clinical research organizations, academic organizations, etc.

Here are some different ways to provide your feedback and comments:

1. Provide comments via the CDISC commenting process ( and/or HL7 or ISO Balloting Processes ( or

BRIDG is an evolving model and it goes through an average of one release a year. It is provided through CDISC, HL7 and periodically ISO for comments. Please contact those organizations directly to find out how to participate.

2. Send email(s) to the HL7 BR&R WG (formerly BRIDG & RCRIM WGs) listserv at HL7 BR&R Listserv

This is also an open forum discussion group dedicated to discussing BRIDG in the context of HL7. It is an open list that anyone can join. You do NOT have to be a member of HL7 to join this list. As the BRIDG model goes through the HL7 standards process, it is likely that much of the conversation on this list maybe focused on the balloting and other administrative procedures. You can learn about the HL7 BR&R WG

This an open forum discussion listserv for the community to ask questions and discuss BRIDG related issues with other BRIDG users and interested parties. It is an open list and has over 150 members representing pharmaceutical companies, CROs, cancer centers, universities, software vendors, etc. from across the world.

3. Send email to the BRIDG modelers at the BRIDG model managers’ listserv

The members of this listserv are a small group of individuals who are caretakers/modelers of BRIDG model and also responsible for the BRIDG infrastructure and website. It is a closed list. Please send email to this listserv if you have questions and/or comments regarding accessing the BRIDG model, submitting your project requirements to BRIDG for harmonization, website content issues, errors, typos, etc.