BRIDG Presentations

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09/05/2017 - 21:16

Provides access to BRIDG related presentations and posters

Various members of the BRIDG WG give presentations related to the BRIDG project at conferences and community meetings associated with CDISC, HL7, NCI, FDA and other clinical research forums. The BRIDG WG members are making them available to the BRIDG community to help disseminate the information. The WG members would like to request that the source of these presentations be acknowledged if the material is used in other efforts. Following are some presentations:

Additional materials, including recent meeting minutes, presentations, etc., can be found at the HL7 Biomedical Research & Regulation Working Group web site and the HL7 BRIDG wiki.

HL7 Work Group Meeting Presentations

NCI Presentations and Posters:

CDISC Presentations and Posters: