Download Work-in-Progress Model File

last modified:
09/07/2017 - 20:11

NOTE: To download the latest published release or any previous published release, please go to the Download BRIDG Releases link on the left hand Navigation panel to download the BRIDG.eap file. A work-in-progress file will be uploaded here periodically.

The BRIDG modelers make changes to the BRIDG model file as we progress through the various harmonizations between releases. We manage and maintain this BRIDG working file in our repository. Anyone can download this working file at any given point.

WARNING: If you do download the working file between releases, please know that it is “work-in-progress” and therefore the content, representation and other things could change considerably between downloads and/or between now and when the next version of BRIDG is released.

The BRIDG team is currently in the process of identifying a permanent place for the BRIDG working file such that it is accessible to everyone without requesting an NIH username/password. In the meantime, you can download a periodic snapshot of the BRIDG working file by clicking this link to GitHub and then clicking the “Download” button on that page to download the file as BRIDG.EAP. (Note that this file is over 24 MB.)