Semantics for Harmonization

last modified:
03/22/2018 - 12:05

New content is added to the BRIDG model based on the project requirements that are brought forward by the stakeholder communities. These requirements may be presented as UML models, a list of data elements, case report forms, etc., and typically support one or more sets of use cases that fall within the scope of the BRIDG effort. This new content submitted to the BRIDG model is not necessarily always in terms of new classes, attributes and/or associations. It could also be that the semantics brought forward by a project already exist in BRIDG and that the project is interested in working with HL7 BR&R WG and mapping their semantic structures to the BRIDG model. This process of providing semantics to the BRIDG model is referred to as BRIDG Harmonization. Please click on the Harmonization Process menu in the left navigation bar to learn more.