Contributing to BRIDG


last modified:
03/22/2018 - 12:07

The BRIDG Model is a community-driven project lead by the stakeholders of their various communities. The HL7 BR&R WG relies on this larger community to identify the errors in the model as well as present new use cases of basic, pre-clinical, clinical and translational research whose semantics have not been addressed in the BRIDG model. The WG would like to solicit input and feedback on these new sub-domains and new semantics. The WG welcomes all feedback that will contribute towards building a more complete and accurate representation of the translational research semantics.

The BRIDG Model only succeeds if the community interested in its semantics utilizes it as an information model and informs the WG of its errors, errors which the WG is committed to addressing in future BRIDG releases.

Please go to the Providing Feedback tab of this website for details on how to submit comments and feedback.